About Autumn

About the blog and the writer, Autumn.  Reasons to read this blog and why it should relate to you.

Change Agent and Writer: Autumn McKenzie Jackson

Change Agent and Writer: Autumn McKenzie Jackson

Project Joy

Joy and peace are mine and I am grateful.  I started this blog in February 2017 to share my story with the world.  I am writing a book about navigating the joys and complexities of life while pursuing wellness and balance with intent.  I am passionate about health, food, exercise, reading, photography, travel, great friendships, and rich discussions. 

Formal Background

I am a former Division I student-athlete at Colgate University with a concentration in Neuroscience.  I obtained my Masters in Health Science and Physician Assistant training at Duke University and practice medicine at Johns Hopkins Emergency Department.  See more about my formal training on Linkedin

Inside scoop

I am mother to two girls with beauty, brains, and brawn.  I am an individual head of household.  My late husband was consumed by Lung Cancer.  I am counting my blessings and walking forward with heightened awareness and a better appreciation for this gift of life and the collective with which I share my walk.  Perhaps you may be encouraged to live daily with greater clarity of purpose and intent.  Let's grow together on this incredible journey.  The life of your dreams is possible.

I post to this blog on Thursdays weekly.  I am published on Apple News.  I post travel and life pictures to instagram weekly.  


I write about real life stuff as it relates to a busy professional balancing a career and life.  Sometimes we are so focused on the career thing that we miss out on LIVING!  That's where I center my content.  I am asking questions to tweak what we are doing on a daily basis to make everything richer and sweeter.  Overall wellness in line with purpose is the goal.

I believe everyone should be able to relate to this blog, in some capacity,   I am releasing it so that it may mature into what it is supposed to be. 

Do you have it all together?  This blog is for you.  Are you feeling like you are in a bit of a grind?  This blog is for you.  Are you feeling overwhelmed?  This blog is for you.  Agnostic?  This blog is for you.  Do you believe in God?  This blog is for you.  Are you a daughter or son?  This blog is for you.   Are you a parent?  This blog is for you.  Are you considering a change in your life?  This blog is for you.  Are there not enough hours in the day?  This blog is for you.  Do you think you have all the time in the world?  This blog is for you.  Are you mortal?  This blog is for you.  Are you a superhero?  Will you write a guest post and may I borrow your super power?

Like my life, this blog is a work in progress.

Please contact me for more information re: press/media inquiries and collaboration.  I am also happy to receive feedback, comments and suggestions.


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