May we inspire each other to live, love, and dream boldly.




Believe defined by Webster “to regard as right or true.” I believe in focused deliberate work.  I believe in celebrating the success of the work put in.  I believe in God.  I believe in miracles.  I believe in the impossible.  I believe in team work and the collective.  I believe in friendships and love. 

My brother suggested personalized silicon bracelets during my late husband’s battle with cancer.  I thought long and hard on what I wanted to put on them.  It was to be a surprise/party favor for his 39th birthday.  I chose the word BELIEVE.  My husband and I believed that, regardless, everything was going to be alright.  He didn’t complain.  He pressed forward and I followed his lead.  I watched as pounds melted from his tall frame and prayed for healing.  I was confronted with the possibility that I might lose my husband and our youngest was not even two.  I saw past this and believed in the impossible. 

My husband said fight, we fought.  We refused to see death as an option.  Then one morning, I had to call a neighbor to help me get him out of bed.  It was that day I called Hospice again.  My husband and I had met with Hospice previously and he declined the services.  Urgently, things had changed and he needed rest and physical support that I could not give him.  I did not know what else to do.  We needed something.  Hospice accepted us to their facility the same day we called, my husband accepted.   We were encouraged that it was possible to graduate from Hospice and hoped that with some additional TLC that we could make it through this rough patch. 

Despite going into Hospice, I was a bit giddy because I just knew that our miracle had to be right around the corner because it was now or never and I refused to believe in never.  I took off work and I was by his side.  This big, strong, and beautiful man had wasted down to nothing.  Nonetheless, he said we fight.  We fought.  When he could no longer fight, I fought for him.  We were in Hospice for recovery not slipping softly into death.  We needed more time for the miracle which we were hoping.  I wanted nothing short of a complete modern day miracle.  I told my friends that I “would believe until it is inappropriate.” He died.  I was devastated but we gave it everything.  We fought hard and that mattered to us.

I have spoken with a friend about a terminal illness in their circle.  They expressed concern that a family member was in denial.  I was given a certain perspective that allowed me to see it differently and I shared my thoughts.  Depending on one’s vantage point- it could demonstrate strong belief in an alternate truth.  According to Webster “In denial: refusing to admit the truth or reality of something unpleasant.”  To believe or to be in denial – they are simply opposed on the opinion of truth.

Granted, the situations I describe above are on the extreme end of the continuum, but my point remains the same- fight for what you believe in.  There may be times in your life when you believe in something, yet, others may not see the same potential.  This can apply to work/business, projects, sports, relationships and life, in general.  Dare.  Sometimes it works out in line with your anticipated plan.  Other times it works out in ways that you could never anticipate.  Believe.

I still believe.  I believe that my future is still full of possibilities.  I believe few things obviate the need for hard work.   I still believe in the impossible.  I still believe in miracles.  I still believe in silver linings.  I believe even more in God, team work, the collective, friendship and love.   I believe that time is my most precious resource and I must be intentional with my time and efforts.  I believe smiling is mandatory.  

What is your truth?  Believe it.  Fight for it.  For it is on this battlefield that greatness is won.