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Patience.  Somethings should not be rushed.

Patience.  Somethings should not be rushed.


Relentless pursuit must be tempered with patience.  Relentless and I get along pretty well.  Patience.  I always need more.  Hard work is essential.  Nonetheless, some things take time.  I am good at putting in hard work and watching my goal materialize.  When it has to do with matters that I have to either put hard work in then wait or matters that are outside of my influence, I struggle.

It is during this wait or incubation period that fear and uncertainty find me.  I have to refocus often to stay centered so that I might stay the course.  I really wish I had an easier fix than patience.  I, truly, have worn myself out trying to get around it.  I am learning to settle in and trust in the process.  If I waiver, I revisit my goals and reassure myself that it is worth the wait.  We live in an age of instant gratification. Why wait when you can have it now?  The cost of right now is invariably higher.  Sometimes the cost is up front.  Sometimes the true cost is hidden and the payments never end.  There is no short cut for patience.

What if I reach an outcome that is different than my desired goal?  I find there is always something to learn.  Always.  If it is in line with my core beliefs, I find a way to make it work.  Sometimes life gives us what we need and not what we want.  Other times the outcome is considered a failure.  Failure is one of my trusted advisors.  It is a heavy word with a poor connotation but through my current lens, I see it as a gem.  More on this later. 

There are so many things that I want right now.  Experience has shown me that it is always going to take exactly one moment longer than I think it ought to, so I pray for the patience to be steadfast.