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Jumping in

Jumping in! Watching cliff jumpers in Nice

Jumping in! Watching cliff jumpers in Nice

Fear and uncertainty. 

Yes, I have them, too.  This project stares my fear and uncertainty in the face.  I am a private, analytical person and I am embracing a project with a loose outcome, sharing my inner dialogue, and exposing my soul.  It is in line with what I believe, but contrary to my nature.

Traditionally, I am risk adverse.  I like knowing what I am getting into before I commit.  I like sizing things up and assessing the risks and benefits before moving forward.  I am learning that I cannot control all the variables.  This is about more than the defined destination, it is about the journey.  It is about the collective.  It is about sharing.  It is about experiences.  I am more open to the process and possibilities.  I am learning to find balance; my edges have softened, but my resolve is still strong.

This week I will roll out this project for mass consumption.  I have spent the last several weeks organizing my thoughts and giving myself the freedom to explore this new realm of blogging.  I have given myself April 1st as the hard deadline to begin sharing.   Sometimes you just have to jump in, already!

I am glad we are here in this moment together.  Feel free to share with me your thoughts.