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Effect Change

Autumn McKenzie Jackson at Colgate University

Autumn McKenzie Jackson at Colgate University

 We each have an intensely meaningful purpose and existence.  I took inventory of my life’s work and I have had to understand my power to effect change by just being present and sharing.  Last week I updated my Linked In profile to: Blogger and Change agent at Road Map to Your Dreams.  I am sharing my everyday life and my defining moments.  I share it with the belief that the smallest of moments can have a huge impact on someone’s life.  This in turn may touch someone else’s life and another to the sum of amazing.  These are ordinary moments.  I desire the time for more ordinary moments.  It is in these moments that life is shared, connections are made, and friendships are developed.  These moments have profoundly changed my life in many ways.

This week I took a road trip to Colgate University, my alma mater.  Most years since I have moved back to the east coast from the Midwest, I have taken the road trip to Colgate during volleyball preseason.  The campus in Upstate New York is simply gorgeous this time of year, for one.  Secondly, I am nostalgic about the excitement of preseason, the anticipation of a great season and starting another school year.  I am in another season of my life but I still feel the excitement in the air.  I took the time to speak to the the current team and introduce myself to the incoming freshman and transfer.  My talk is inevitably about my enrichment at Colgate and how the experiences and friendships cultivated continue to pay dividends in my life today.  I am making time for moments and connections because while I may not know the difference I make just by showing up- it is worth it to me to be present.

Step up and make your mark. Start today.