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Is This a Game?

I dare say that the importance of athletics is underestimated by most.  Perhaps, even by athletes themselves.  I argue that there is a direct translation of skills from the field or court to real life that is often underappreciated. 

I will say that sports easily make the top five most influential things in my life.  I started off with soccer but volleyball stole my heart.  Along the way, I have met some spectacular people and have had outstanding coaches. 

Colgate University Hall of Honor Inductee: Autumn McKenzie Jackson

Colgate University Hall of Honor Inductee: Autumn McKenzie Jackson

At the peak of my athletic career, I played volleyball as a Division 1 student-athlete at Colgate University.  I balanced academic rigor while pushing intellectual and physical limits.  A lot was on the line.  I embraced the work hard play hard philosophy like I originated it.  The more I had on my plate, the stronger my organization had to be.  My team worked hard and accomplished some amazing things.  Of note, we were the first women’s team in Colgate’s history to go to the NCAA tournament.

Sports are great.  We all need a little encouragement but there is no room for participation trophies here.  It is a- you do or you don’t type scenario.  Loss fuels resolve.  Resolve fuels workouts and skill development.  Workouts improve strength and skill.  The smart and the strong win championships.

Colgate University Jersey Retired: Autumn McKenzie Jackson

Colgate University Jersey Retired: Autumn McKenzie Jackson

At my core, I am a reserved and introspective individual.  It was through sports that my God given potential was unlocked and I found the confidence that I might not have known, otherwise. Sports influence the way I think.  Impossibilities do not exist.  You can never get too comfortable at the top.  There is always more to give.  Sports influence the way I talk.  Communication is key.  You have to speak up.  I need you to understand what I need so that we can work together to kick butt.  I dare say that sports have even influence the way that I walk.  Walking into a gym- you have to emulate power before you even did anything. 

In life, I have faced the obstacles between what I have and what I want, between where I am and where I am going.  Life has a way of testing to see if I really want it.  I have been told no more than once.  I treat "No" like a poor suggestion.  I have persisted despite rejection and setbacks.  I believe this determination was honed on fields and courts.

You may see a game.  I see a way to live.