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The Cost of More

One of my favorite nooks to read and write.

One of my favorite nooks to read and write.

At what cost?

Last week I wrote about considering more.  We should probably talk about the cost.  There is always a cost or trade-off.

The cost is not always monetary.  Nonetheless, I am talking about things of value.  When I speak of costs or trade-offs, I am talking about resources of time/schedule, effort/energy, sleep, money, and personal truth/soul. 

“It” represents the more.  There are a number of questions I ask to evaluate the cost vs worth.  How bad do I want “it?”  What is “it” worth to me?  Am I able to afford to?  Can I afford to not?  Is it in line with my goals and personal truths? 

I find it important to remember that “it” can never represent “it all.”  To me they are two different things.  “It all” does not exist unto itself.  There is always collateral damage chasing after “it all.”  If you truly believe that you can have “it all” you will arrive at a place where you may seem like you have it all but, inadvertently, you sacrificed time.  Or you perceive you have “it all” but you have deviated from your personal truth.

Anything is possible.   Dream Big.  Know your personal truth.  Define your “it” and pursue it, relentlessly.  Start Today.