Dream Destination

Encouragement and inspiration to define what success means to you and write a road map to your dreams.  Live, love, and dream boldly

Destination: Greatness, unspecified

My life plan was pretty simple. I wanted to obtain my degrees, marry, have children, watch them grow, and travel to the ends of the earth.  My marriage was ended, abruptly, by a terminal illness.  The loss of my spouse leveled me and forever altered my course.  I dare say that I have recovered, but I will never be the same.  Ironically, colors are brighter, experiences richer, and moments more precious than I could have ever perceived them to be before this tragedy. I will focus on the positive.  I am a better person for having known him and together we gave the world two amazing girls.

I have a strong desire to make this about something greater than myself.  How can I contribute to the collective?  My eyes are wide open.  I see this world like I have never seen it before.  It is with this lens that I am raising my two girls.  They, too, are destined for greatness.  We can get caught up in the would have, could have, and should haves but I deal in the what is-es.  Everything is what you make it.  I do not play the victim very well.  I always look for silver linings.  They are always there.  Sometimes people aren’t aware that they are there.  Some people cannot be bothered.  Sometimes the silver is so tarnished it is difficult to see, but when you know what you are looking for- you can find it.  Everyone knows that silver- with a little buff- shines brilliantly and uniquely.

What can I say?  Who can I reach, touch or share to change someone’s life course for the better?  I can only share my story and hope that it means something to somebody.  Sometimes you just have to start.  That is what I am doing.  I was writing in a vacuum when I found myself in a writing tailspin.  Blogging was strongly encouraged on several fronts.  Over lunch with a cherished friend and fellow alumna, I shared the desires of my heart regarding writing for my girls.  She reconnected me with a shared friend and fellow alumna.  She has a wealth of writing experience and gave the extra push that convinced me to start.  Although I desire to share, the vulnerability is unsettling.  There is no hiding.  I am completely exposed.  This is far from comfortable.  One on one conversation- comfortable.  Throwing my story into the abyss of social media- frightening.  

How will you impact the word?  What is your destiny?